Protecting the Health of the Users and the Personnel of the Bridge against the Coronavirus / Automated contactless transactions


The planning of GEFYRA S.A. both regarding the protection of the personnel of the Bridge and its customers has been readjusted in due time to comply with all major health instructions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

According to the instructions given by the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY) and the occupational doctors, which are updated depending on the announcements, the Toll Station is systematically supplied with antiseptic, disinfectant and personal hygiene products, while as early as the beginning of the crisis the employees at the Toll Station have received detailed written instructions about the best practices for personal hygiene and prevention of the spread of the virus.

In addition, since two (2) weeks ago, all toll booths, facilities and customer service areas are systematically disinfected, as a preventive measure.

Moreover, the net of good practices that ensure the safest passage from the Bridge is supplemented thanks to the automated transactions.

In addition to the use of a bank card to cross, the frequent users of the Bridge may also use the “GEFYRA e-pass” discount-subscription scheme which allows crossing the Rion-Antirion Strait with the least possible toll rate (without any face-to-face transaction with a toll collector), while the electronic management of the subscribers’ account is possible through the website  where you can make the necessary movements using a PC, while MyGefyra application is available for iOS & Android mobile devices

(Please note that you can subscribe to the scheme and receive the transponder free of charge).

The subscribers, either through the application MyGefyra or a PC may receive information about the actual balance of their account 24 hours a day, and easily and quickly top up their account. Therefore, there is no delay and the transaction is immediately made without any waiting time.

Thus, the users of the Bridge are protected and observe the safety distances with other people, while the employees may deal with the workload, despite the restrictions imposed by the rearrangement of shifts and working hours, with a view to protect their health.



The holders of GEFYRA e-pass who are not yet registered for the electronic service may easily and quickly register by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the link:  “Registration to ePass online services”
  3. Fill in the form by following the instructions given on the top of the page.
  4. Click the box “Accept Terms & Conditions”
  5. Enter the “Captcha” text exactly as shown (case-sensitive, spaces, etc.). Otherwise, copy and paste the text in the blank box right below.
  6. Finally, select the box “Submit”.

Note: The customer ID number can be found on the Application-Contract signed by the holder.

ATTENTION: The registration shall be made using a desktop or laptop but not a mobile phone.

If the registration is successful, use the Username and the Password you have selected to enter the personal page of the holder at and MyGefyra application.

Moreover, you can top up your account through a web banking service and using the special payment number indicated on the Application-Contract or the personal page of the user at

Alternatively, you can top up your account by phone, using your bank card and calling the Customer’s Service at 26340 39010 & 39011 (new working hours: Monday to Sunday: 08:00 – 16:00).

Reminder: By limiting the face-to-face transactions, we all actively contribute to prevent the spread of the virus.


For any additional information or clarification, please contact us at  


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