10-hours roundtrip discount

"ΜAZI" Weekend Roundtrips

"MAZI" Weekend Roundtrip Card

By purchasing “MAZI” (TOGETHER) weekend roundtrip card, you can cross the Rio – Antirrio Bridge during summer weekends and return within 10 hours, for the price of 13,60€, without any additional charges. After the expiration of the 10 hours period, you will have to pay an additional 13,40€ amount, as if you had performed 2 single crossings at the normal fare, without any discount.

The purchase of the card must be done on the first crossing.

The card is available from all toll booths as well as from the Customer Service Department.

The offer is valid for passenger cars (category 2) only.

Electronic "Aller – Retour" roundtrip crossing

The same product is available on a transponder as well, for contactless crossings through the electronic lanes.

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