Special Health Card

What is this Card?

It’s a special subscriber’s scheme allowing to the subscribers to cross the Rion-Antirion Bridge, using their special personal card, at 5€ per crossing.

Who can get this Card?

Entitled to subscribe to this scheme are renal and cancer patients who are permanent residents of the Prefectures of Etoloakarnania or Fokida, who cross the Rion-Antirion Strait to get treatment at a hospital in Patras.

How can I subscribe?

The subscription to the scheme is made in two (2) phases:

First, the entitled person shall send by e-mail his/her particulars (name, contract telephone) and a recent photo (passport type) to the Customer’s Service (info@gefyralitourgia.gr) in order for them to prepare his/her personal card.

Then, following a relevant notification the subscriber will receive (by phone or e-mail), he/she shall come to the Customer’s Service to fill in and sign the relevant applications, producing at the same time the following documents:

  1. Copy of the notice of income tax assessment for the last income tax return, from which the permanent residence address, the Tax Registration Number and the Tax Office of the subscriber arise;
  2. Certificate issued by a Patras hospital stating that the subscriber is undergoing medical treatment.

Upon completion of the subscription and the first loading of the account, the person entitled, who has now become a subscriber, receives his/her special personal card that shall be presented each time the subscriber crosses the Toll Station.


In the event that the person entitled is a minor, his/her parents shall contact the Customer’s Service in order to be informed about the special procedure that applies.

How can I use this Card?

The subscriber, in order to cross the Bridge Toll Station shall pass from a toll lane with a collector to whom the subscriber shall present the special personal card in order for the collector to charge the €5 euros rate to the relevant subscription account.


The €5 euros charge is possible only by using the special personal card. Otherwise, the normal pricing is applied.

The special personal card can only be used when the person entitled is in the vehicle. . Otherwise, the normal pricing is applied.

How do I reload my account?

The subscription account may be reloaded as follows:

  1. By making a deposit to the bank account of GEFYRA SA; the Customer’s Service will notify you of the relevant account number;
  2. Using cash or a card (debit/credit) at the Customer’s Service.

Does my subscription expire?

The term of the subscription to the scheme “Special Heath Card” equals the term indicated on the medical certificates issued by the hospitals and may be renewed by producing a new medical certificate.

For more information please contact the Customer’s Service of GEFYRA at +30 26340-39010 & 39011


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