Energy crisis and energy saving: Suspending the regular operation of the decorative lighting of the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge on Saturdays

07 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022

Taking into account the current energy crisis and in order to reduce energy consumption -especially during the winter months- GEFYRA S.A. proceeds with additional energy saving measures, including the regular decorative lighting of the Rion – Antirion Bridge.

Specifically, the Company has initiated the suspension of the regular Saturday lighting with the blue decorative lighting, from Saturday 17 September and throughout the winter period, with the exception of specific cases for important national or international anniversaries, during which the Bridge will be lit for a limited period of time.

This measure was considered necessary to address the ongoing crisis but it is also in line with the Company's overall environmental strategy to which focuses on for a number of years yet. Through the implementation of new management measures and procedures and the adoption of daily practices across the entire range of operation and maintenance activities, the Bridge's carbon footprint has been reduced by 84.5% since 2015.  

We will certainly miss the image of the illuminated Bridge on winter Saturday nights, but at the same time we will be reminded that this "sacrifice" is required by the environmental and international circumstances. For all the above reasons, GEFYRA S.A. is committed to continue to adapt in a timely manner to new facts and circumstances, while respecting human and environmental priorities.


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