Gefyra celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting the positive contribution of women to the maintenance and operation of the Bridge

08 Μαρτίου 2023

  • Discover the portrait of Maria Orfanou, supervisor at the Traffic Management Center
  • Promoting gender equality, one of VINCI Highways’ strategic goals
  • With ambitious action plan, Gefyra has achieved gender parity in the bridge’s operational team

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Gefyra launched a new inspiring video in its series of portraits of women working at the bridge. The video launched today gives the floor to Maria Orfanou, Traffic Management Center Supervisor at the Rio-Antirrio Bridge.

Maria is responsible for maintaining a good level of safety and service for customers and staff, applying procedures and practices on quality, health, safety and environment, monitoring operating conditions regarding traffic safety and tolling, handling incidents and managing demands from users on the field, and is also participating in the Fire Safety Team as an active member.

Maria shows the contribution of women in the operational excellence of the Rio-Antirio Bridge. She also embodies VINCI Highways’ commitment to support women’s careers across, as she started her career in 2004 as a toll collector before being promoted to the Traffic Management Center, responsible for co-managing the operations team during her shift.

Maria Orfanou’s video portrait is part of Gefyra’s web series about women working at the bridge, which already features the following portraits:

In line with VINCI Highways’ commitment to promoting inclusive work environments, Gefyra has adopted an ambitious action plan that won a GOLD prize at the Women Empowerment Awards last year. Among numerous initiatives, Gefyra created a dedicated action platform (THETA-ENERGIA), composed by its management, together with representatives and female local active citizens & female journalists, working for media located all over the Region of Western Greece.

With this ambitious action plan to support women, Gefyra has achieved parity in the bridge’s operation team, since half of 66 of the operation staff-members are women.


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