Completion of the third underwater inspection of the pillars of the bridge up to 65m in depth using robotic vehicles

04 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023

  • The underwater inspections of the scour protection around the perimeter of the foundations of the bridge piers were successfully completed
  • GEFYRA continues to invest in innovative maintenance projects to maximize safety and continuous availability of the project

GEFYRA, a member of the VINCI Highways Network, announces the successful completion of the underwater inspections of the scour protection around the perimeter of all Bridge piers foundation.

The aforementioned inspections are carried out every 8 years and their purpose is to examine the state of the scour protection, which protects the piers’ foundation against scouring, due to the powerful sea currents that develop around the perimeter of the footings systems. The inspection was carried out with the participation of qualified scientific personnel and the use of state-of-the-art technology such as robotic vehicles (ROV) and sophisticated data collection and positioning systems (GPS). It has to be underlined that the execution of the underwater survey in depths reaching 65m. from the sea surface is extremely demanding due to the special conditions prevailing in the Rio-Antirrio Strait such as the turbidity of the water, strong sea currents and the frequent winds blowing in the area.

After 19 years since the completion of construction and 3 cycles of subsea inspections, the evaluation of the available data confirms the excellent design and construction of the project with high quality standards. The continuation of underwater inspections to evaluate such a critical element has been integrated into the future monitoring programme of the Concession company.

Panos Loukas, CEO of Gefyra, stated: "The completion of such a challenging project demonstrates the importance we place on ensuring the integrity and resilience of the project. The introduction of innovative technical solutions and specialized methods are part of the permanent commitment of GEFYRA, a member of the VINCI Highways network, one of the world's largest highway management companies under concession, to the safety and structural maintenance of the project. Since the opening of the Bridge in 2004, we have made investments of €50 million and continue to do so. At GEFYRA we work with a vision to promote positive mobility, contributing through the continued availability of the Project to the sustainable economic development of local communities on both sides of the Strait."

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