Gefyra takes action to support psychic health

16 Μαρτίου 2023

  • Meeting takes place with Western Greece scientific psychic health experts & authorities 
  • Concrete actions to help and support psychologically vulnerable persons 
  • Gefyra committed to safety and support of members of local communities 

On Saturday March 11, on Gefyra’s initiative, a meeting took place with more than 20 representatives of Western Greece authorities and psychic health experts, to increase collective action to promote mental health towards vulnerable persons. The initiative is in line with Gefyra’s commitment to safety and support of local communities’ members in the area of the Rio-Antirrio bridge.

The dialogue between the bodies was fruitful and numerous ideas and proposals were submitted which will be analyzed further, including printed material gathering the information of all mental health associations in Western Greece, a 24hours Monitoring Center for people with mental challenges and media awareness on actions to promote via future initiatives.

The bodies also discussed the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation and proposed a meeting every three months to update information and actions.

In the meeting participated: Panos Loukas, CEO of Gefyra, the Chief of the Port of Patras, Mr. Lazaros Hanumidis, the Police Director of Aetolia, Mr. Apostolos Kapniaris, the Head of the Public Health Directorate, Mr. Georgia Bapouza, Mr. Rigas Georgios, psychiatrist, Curator A' ESY, scientific manager of the Mental Health Center of Patras, Patras Agios Andreas General Hospital, Mr. Tassos Arniakos, social worker of the Patras Mental Health Center, Patras Agios Andreas General Hospital, Ms. Georgia Koutsogiannopoulou, psychologist, Western Greece Mental Health Center (KEKOIPSY), Mr. Manolis Souris, psychologist, Psychiatric Center of Health of Western Greece (KEKOIPSY), the Mrs. Christina Bikou, President of the Association of Families for Mental Health (SOPSY), Mr. Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Social Worker / General Manager of the Non-profit Association for Aid and Care of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities "FRONTIZO", Mrs. Hara Gouliami, Psychologist of IKELOS Association (Association for the Prevention and Promotion of Mental Health), Mr. Grigoris Panagiotopoulos, Administrative Director of the Disabled People’s Association "ALKYONI" with Ms. Christia, Psychologist of the same association and Ms. Katerina Dimitropoulou, Doctor, member of the Geriatrics & Gerontology Society.


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