Sunday 18/9: Sustainable mobility day at Nafpaktos on the initiative of GEFYRA S.A.

16 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022

The European Mobility Week is organized every year since 2002 at the initiative of the European Commission.

It is the most important institution at European level for the promotion of sustainable mobility patterns and thus for the shaping and development of an environmental ethos.

The Environmental Organization "Green+Blue" and Gefyra SA, in the context of the joint action plan entitled "GREEN NAFPAKTIA", in synergy with the Municipality of Nafpaktia and the Region of Western Greece, join forces and implement on Sunday 18 September, the action "Sustainable Mobility Day", aiming at raising awareness among the citizens of Nafpaktos.


The incentive for residents and visitors of the city is to:

"Leave the car and get around by bike or public transport".

  • At Farmaki Square, on the same day, Sunday 18 September, from 10.00 to 13.00, the environmental organization "Green+Blue" will organize cycling "races" to familiarize with the "BABY BALANCE BIKE" for children from 3 to 5 years old. This is a special activity that encourages children to enjoy bicycles. The bikes and equipment are available free of charge. All children will receive commemorative medals and will participate in a draw for a children's bike and helmet, offered by the Nafpaktos store "IDEAL X. Papadopoulos". At the same time bananas offered by the company DOLE and ZAGORI "GO-GREEN" water bottles will be distributed free of charge to the young cyclists.
  • With a meeting and starting point at Flisvos in Psani beach, a bike ride will be organized on the same day (Sunday 18 September) at 11.00, which will pass from the Venetian port of the city and will finish at Farmaki square. Participants will be given "GREEN NAFPAKTIA" hats and at the finish line "GO GREEN" ZAGORI water bottles and DOLE bananas.
  • The Traffic Police and the Port Authority of Nafpaktos participate and ensure the safety of the bike ride throughout its route.


The Mayor of Nafpaktia Mr. Vassilis Gizas said:

"We participate in the actions for the "European Mobility Week" organized by the Non-Profit Organization "Green+Blue" with the support of our Municipality and Gefyra SA.  It is a very good occasion to realize in practice that by changing our behavior in the public space and in the roads by walking, taking our bicycle or using public transport for our trips, we create a better and healthier environment for us and our children.  Both the specific actions and the initiative of the Municipality to proceed with the re-establishment of the Municipal Police, aim at improving our daily life, reducing traffic congestion, but also at respecting our fellow citizens, pedestrians and the elderly and disabled people".


GEFYRA S.A. continues its long consistent path of environmental awakening actions, in synergy with local authorities and active citizens' organizations of Western Greece. As a member of the VINCI HIGHWAYS family, it is at the forefront of actions that promote sustainable/positive mobility. Within the context of the European Commission's "Mobility Week", in cooperation with the Municipality of Nafpaktia, the NGO "Green+Blue" and with the support of the Region of Western Greece, it is organizing the "Sustainable Mobility Day (no cars)" on Sunday 18 September in Nafpaktos, planning participatory actions to encourage citizens to test and adopt urban mobility using their bicycle and urban transport. 


The NGO "Green+Blue" points out the following:

"Nafpaktos belongs to the category of "cities of 15 minutes". It is flat with a large coastal front and is ideal for cycling and walking, and has a modern and dense urban transport system. Thus the car is neither the only nor the most convenient means of daily trips for the citizens. It depends on its citizens to remain human, free of traffic, exhaust and noise pollution.”


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