27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022

Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas President of GEFYRA S.A. attended the opening ceremony of the Lepanto Formula Kite-Europeans held in Nafpaktos from 25 September to 2 October, and addressed a greeting as representative of the platinum sponsor.

Addressing initially in English to the participating athletes, he welcomed them in the name of those who placed the Great Bridge in the landscape of the games and wished them great performances, urging them to take with them many photos to keep alive the memories of their passage from the area and of the meeting with the hospitable people of the region. 

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He then noted the following:

Three years have passed since the Mayor of Nafpaktia proposed our company's assistance in meeting the needs of the pan-European sporting event, which brings us together here tonight.

This proposal was positively received by us, as we saw a first-class opportunity to boost the tourism development of the region and the municipality in which we operate.

Enhancing the tourist flow to the region is an option that we have honored for many years, both through our special discount products activated during the tourist season and exceptionally during festive weekends or other special occasions.

The Formula Kite European Championships are a very good test of the strengths of the region, which could launch a sustainable planning for similar initiatives in the future.

The outcome of this challenge will show whether the development vision that unites us is founded on pylons like those that can be seen far in the horizon of the Bay of Lepanto.

In these circumstances, with our support to Lepanto Formula Kite 2022, we proclaim our presence, taking on once again - together with the forces of the local people - the challenge of the future".

Video: Mr. Papanikolas speech by Nafpaktia News


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