The Greek company Gefyra S.A. established in 1995 by the French VINCI and six Greek construction companies, with registered office in Chalandri, Attica. Its sole aim was to enter into the Concession Contract for the Rion-Antirion Bridge with the Greek State and to implement it. As Concessionaire, GEFYRA S.A. is responsible for the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the Bridge during the 42-year concession period. To fulfil its commitments, it has signed more than 50 agreements to date, including the construction contract with the Construction Joint Venture and the numerous detailed financing agreements with the Lenders.

During the construction period, the Concessionaire ensured the sound comprehensive management of the entire financial scheme for the project including its day-to-day financing needs. Since August 2004, when the construction period ended, and until the expiry of the concession period, GEFYRA S.A. is responsible for the smooth operation of the Project (within the framework of the concession agreement), its maintenance and all necessary improvements so that the project can always be a leader in the field of technical developments. GEFYRA S.A. aims for the social upgrading of the greater region through the contractually sound management of the Project.

This is why, GEFYRA has already developed and intends to develop even more in the future its commercial, social and sponsoring strategy.

The shareholders of Gefyra S.A. are:

Shareholders of Gefyra S.A.
Shareholder %
AVAX 20.53%


GEFYRA LITOURGIA SA is the company that operates the Rion-Antirion Bridge within the framework of a multi-annual contract entered into with the Concessionaire GEFYRA SA.

GEFYRA LITOURGIA SA is responsible for the toll management, the traffic management and the routine maintenance of the Rion-Antirion Bridge.

Shareholders of GEFYRA LITOURGIA S.A. are the same companies that participate in GEFYRA S.A.

Kinopraxia Gefyra

KINOPRAXIA GEFYRA is the Greek construction joint venture, which entered with the Greek State and the Concessionaire into the tripartite agreement and with the Concessionaire into the design and construction contract of Rion-Antirion Bridge. Its role was to design and construct the bridge within a 7-year period. The members that formed Kinopraxia Gefyra are the following.

The members that formed Kinopraxia Gefyra.
Member %
VINCI Construction Grands Projets 53.00%
AKTOR A.T.E. 15.48%
J & P – AVAX S.A. 11.20%
ATHENA S.A. 7.74%


  • VINCI CONCESSIONS, a 100% subsidiary of VINCI, based in Rueil, France, is the world’s leading company in construction and associated services. Alongside building and civil engineering, VINCI is the world’s leader in infrastructure concessions, parking areas, airports, stadiums (through VINCI CONCESSIONS) and a major player in the road construction and electrical engineering sectors. more about VINCI Concessions
  • AKTOR CONCESSIONS S.A. is the company, which literally opened the way for major concessions projects in Greece, undertaking relevant contracts already in the 1990s. It is also the largest concessions company in Greece, covering the whole spectrum of concessions activities: financing, design, construction, maintenance and operation. more about AKTOR CONCESSIONS S.A.
  • AVAX S.A. more about AVAX S.A.



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