General Advice

General Advice

The normal speed limit along the Rion Antirion Bridge is 80 km/h. Lower limits apply at the toll plaza area and also, temporarily, in cases of road-works, other special events or incidents. Please pay due attention to the electronic variable-message signs, to the permanent and temporary road signing, to the instructions of the Police and the indications of our personnel.

Please also keep clear of the emergency lane on the right-hand side of the road. This is to be occupied only in case of accident or other emergency. For your safety, parking and stopping along the Bridge (outside the specially-signed parking areas near the toll plaza) are prohibited.

We recommend that you keep safe distances from leading vehicles, especially on the downward sections and on the approach to the toll plaza. For your safety, always wear seatbelts and make sure that children are appropriately buckled-up at the rear seats.


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