Strong winds and severe weather conditions

Strong winds and severe weather conditions

The Rion-Antirion Strait has specific meteorological conditions. Especially in autumn and winter, it is not uncommon to have strong winds, even on days when the nearby towns of Patras and Nafpaktos may seem relatively unaffected!

In case of severe weather conditions and for your safety, please:

  • Adjust your driving behavior to the prevailing weather conditions;
  • Reduce your speed and avoid unnecessary lane-changing, braking or acceleration;
  • Keep a safe distance from the leading vehicle;
  • Pay due attention to the warnings on the variable-message signs, as well as to the instructions of the Police.

In case of wind speed exceeding 80 km/h, the Police may enforce restrictions to certain sensitive vehicles such as motorbikes and high-sided, empty trucks.

Weather forecasts and information about the weather conditions can be found on the upper part of our website, by clicking on “METEO”, as well as on the corporate social media.


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