What a nice way to cross the strait and enjoy the view!

There are protected pedestrian sidewalks on both the West and East side of the Bridge. These can be safely accessed only through the staircases on both the Rion and the Antirion sides.

For your safety, it is not allowed to cross the road or the toll plaza area on foot, nor to walk along traffic areas. When at the toll plaza area, please use the footbridge. In case of mobility difficulties, please ask our personnel for assistance.

Hitch-hiking is prohibited along the Bridge. If in any difficulty while walking please use the emergency phones in the areas of the pylons (every 560m) in order to contact our personnel for assistance.

Please, make sure that children do not climb on parapets, safety guardrail or cables anchorage.


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There’s a walk between sky and sea. There’s a visitors’ hall. And there’s “I’ve been at the Bridge” lasting forever…

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