GEFYRA participated in VINCI's Global Environment Day on 22 September with an awareness campaign and clean-up action in Antirrio

26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023

  • GEFYRA promotes positive mobility and cares for the environment through actions on climate change, the protection of natural resources and their rational use
  • The high technology and expertise of VINCI Highways is a valuable ally in the effort to reduce GEFYRA’s environmental footprint

GEFYRA’s participation in VINCI's Environment Day on Friday September 22 culminated in a symbolic clean-up of areas in Antirrio surrounding the Bridge’s Operations Centre, with the participation of employees, partners and management. The day was dedicated to awareness-raising activities and participatory events where the initiatives being implemented were presented and environmental objectives for the coming period were set.

The VINCI Environment Day, held every year on September 22, is dedicated to the exchange of good practices, innovative ideas and climate action. As the world's leading providers of mobility solutions, the Group's companies take action, set ambitious environmental targets, implement and operate infrastructure projects, applying innovative solutions to achieve positive mobility, contributing to sustainable development and addressing the impact of climate change. On the occasion of VINCI's annual Environment Day, the Group's more than 80 concessions around the world are joining forces to contribute to the achievement of shared environmental objectives. In particular, we are committed to:

  • Manage and recycle waste so that it is not landfilled by 2030
  • Reduce direct CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030
  • Achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

To achieve these goals, at GEFYRA we are applying VINCI Highways' expertise by investing in the implementation of innovative solutions and technologies. In this context, since 2018 the carbon footprint of the project has been reduced by 76% as a result of, among other things:

  • Use of exclusively green energy from RES
  • Replacement of street lighting lamps with LEDs
  • Reducing fuel consumption from our activities for the maintenance & operation of the project, through continuous investment in environmentally friendly technologies
  • Selective use of the Bridge’s decorative lighting system
  • Gradual replacement of the vehicle fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles

The Rio - Antirrio Bridge is a benchmark for infrastructure projects and for the implementation of policies to address the impacts of climate change, contributing to sustainable development.


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