Greece’s first e-pass for electric vehicle released for one year on Rio-Antirrio Bridge to mark the bridge’s 20th birthday

31 Ιανουαρίου 2024

  • A one-year exclusive discount for electric vehicles
  • Rio-Antirrio bridge supports the rise in electric mobility
  • A new step in VINCI Highways’ environmental action plan

Rio-Antirrio bridge, subsidiary of VINCI Highways, becomes the first concession in Greece to launch a special e-pass dedicated to electric vehicles. Starting on February 1st and effective year-round in 2024 to mark the 20th anniversary of the bridge, the pass brings a flat discount of 34 % to electric vehicles. It showcases the bridge’s commitment to serving drivers with a large range of options, which notably include passes for frequent crossings and local drivers.

The initiative is part of VINCI Highways’ plan to increase the environmental performance of its network and support the decarbonation of road mobility in the regions it serves. This plan follows two priorities: decarbonize the direct CO₂ emissions of highway operations (scopes 1 and 2) and bring concrete solutions to drivers to decarbonize their own emissions (scope 3).

Rio-Antirrio bridge has already achieved a -78 % reduction of its direct CO₂ emissions since 2018. With the launch of the electric e-pass, Rio-Antirrio bridge is taking a new step throughout 2024 to support the decarbonation of drivers, thus accelerating its positive impact on scope 3.

Parallel to this launch, Rio-Antirrio bridge also eases its e-pass subscription process, enabling clients sign their contracts digitally. A first in Greece, the new process increases environmental performance by eliminating approximately 10,000 postal mail exchanges per year.

Panos Loukas, CEO of the Rio-Antirrio bridge, said: “By introducing benefits for electric vehicles, we contribute to VINCI Highways‘ objective to support the decarbonation of mobility in Greece. As 2024 marks the 20th year since the Rio-Antirrio bridge opened to service, we are proud to continue innovating and developing positive mobility in service of our customers and the regions we serve”.

The electric e-pass is available now until the end of the year: how to get yours?

Visit and select “become a subscriber”. Fill in the application form and select the GREEN E-pass product, which is available only for category 2 vehicles (passenger cars). When your account is created, you will receive your contract by email. Follow the instructions to review your personal details and sign. Your tag will be sent to you free of charge by courier within the next few days (depending on the area). Once you receive your tag you will be able to register to the online services and add money to your account. For more information you can contact Customer Services on 26340-39010/11 or email

Benefits include:

  • Flat discount of 5€ for all your crossings (cost of crossing: 9.70€)
  • Online account management from or MyGefyra app
  • Easy and quick crossings from the bridge’s e-pass lanes
  • The tag can be used to pay tolls on all Greek highways
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