Rion-Antirrion Bridge shares Winter driving tips to prepare winter driving.

21 Δεκεμβρίου 2023

  • Helping drivers prepare for winter driving
  • 6 simple tips reminding about travel requirements and best practices for safe driving

Following the recent meeting held at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection with the participation of the Road Infrastructure Concession and Operation Companies, during which the measures to prevent and deal with severe weather phenomena and mainly snowfalls were discussed, Rio Antirrino Bridge shares VINCI Highways’ informational campaign to raise safety awareness towards drivers who will be travelling in mountainous destinations during the holiday season and beyond.

The campaign includes advice on travel preparation and safe driving in case of bad weather and will be communicated on corporate social media and the company's website. The tips include:

Prepare your vehicle with the necessary snow equipment: Snow chains in the right size for the vehicle's tires are essential equipment for driving on mountain roads during winter.

Check the condition of the vehicle's tires: The proper pressure and good tire condition contribute to a safe and comfortable ride.

Check the weather and any traffic conditions for the entire route: The weather may vary during your journey and traffic regulations may be in place in specific sections of your trip.

Plan your departure well in time: Calculate the duration of the journey, considering the traffic on peak days and make sure you allow some extra time to drive without rushing.

Don't overtake snowplows: Snowplows keep the highway open – make sure you stay behind them.

Make frequent stops: Driving in difficult weather conditions is more demanding, so make sure that you take frequent stops at safe areas, such as the Motorists Service Stations of the highways. 



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