Visit of 34 European MPs to the Bridge
GEFYRA’s choice is the promotion of the area

22 Φεβρουαρίου 2023

  • A delegation of 34 members of a Council of Europe committee discovers the region of Western Greece, the Bridge Gefyra, and is informed about the company’s  actions
  • Actions for the promotion of Western Greece that contribute to the development of the region

Mr.  Panos  Loukas,  CEO  of  GEFYRA (concessionnaire  of  the Rio-Antirrio   "Charilaos  Trikoupis"  Bridge  and  member of  the VINCI  Highways  network)  welcomed  34  MPs, members  of  the “Culture,  Science and  Media”  Committee of  the Parliamentary  Assembly of  the Council  of  Europe,  who  are  visiting  Greece  in the context of  a meeting  on the "Cultural  Heritage  of  water"  which  takes place at the premises  of  the International  Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia  (21-22/2).

On  the way to their  destination,  they had  (following  the  initiative  of Mrs. Fotini  Pipili, Member  of the Greek Parliament  and Vice-President  of the committee),  the  opportunity  to cross the  Bridge,  which  was  illuminated  for  the  occasion, and  to talk with  Mr. Loukas  throughout  the dinner  that followed,  which  included  a reference  to the operation  and structural  maintenance  of a  "modern  work  of  art", as described  by the guests.   

The  surprise  of  the evening  was the performance  of the "Hymn of  Europe"  by the children  of  the "Apollo" Philharmonic Orchestra of Antirrio, which  (like other  cultural,  sports and  social interest)  associations, is being  supported  for many years by the concessionaire  company, with the aim of  ensuring  creative  occupation for the youth as well as for the residents  of  the area.

On the occasion of  the visit,  Mr. Lucas stated:

"The  tourist development  of  the region  is one  of our  priorities, for  which  we work through  the provision  of special discount  products  in  order  to facilitate  the  visitation  during  the  summer  and  throughout  the  year.

We see in this visit  an  opportunity  to promote  Western  Greece  and  we  hope  that the photos  that the  European parliamentarians  will take  back to their  countries  will arouse  the  interest  of future  visitors  to discover  the  wider area  of the Bridge.

As a VINCI  CONCESSIONS  company, we  will continue  to work towards  the performance  of  an  excellent public service,  as a concessionaire  can ensure  it, aiming  at the smooth operation  of  the project, its regular  and diligent  maintenance,  but also the services  to our  customers."

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