GEFYRA supporting citizens who promote their city and sustainable tourism development

22 Ιουλίου 2022

When GEFYRA SA announced that this year’s 10-hour discounted aller-retour passage for the weekend will now be available, it was pointed out that in addition to the partnership with local government institutions and professional associations of the region, the summer product of the Bridge is also the fruit of the synergy between the concessionaire and citizens' associations that act in favor of the tourist development of their region.

One such special citizens' initiative is the non-profit organization "MESSOLONGHI BY LOCALS" ( the vision of which is the sustainable development at local level and which aims to strengthen collegiality in the local community of Messolonghi.

This ambition is pursued through the participatory mapping of the cultural identity of the region in the form of cultural routes and the elaboration and promotion of cultural activities. The aim is to study, promote and preserve the local cultural heritage and environmental wealth, alongside the elaboration of alternative cultural tourism and ecotourism programs.

Thanks to the activation of its network of partners, GEFYRA offered to the organization "MESSOLONGHI BY LOCALS" the production of a video full of images highlighting attractive landmarks and sightseeing spots, which guarantee strong memories (and returning tendencies) to the visitor, while at the same time conveying Messolonghi landscapes to the lengths and breadths of the Internet.


Watch the video:

Note that this is not the first time that Gefyra S.A. undertakes the initiative to enhance the image of one of the cities adjacent to the Rion-Antirion Bridge, since something similar had happened in the past with Nafpaktos in the context of the initiative "Nafpaktos - Our smile at your service":


For more information about the “TOGETHER - WEEKEND” program see:

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