Eco-receipts & low-cost crossings from the Bridge

20 Απριλίου 2022

Another initiative within the context of the action plan “GREEN BRIDGE” for a greener daily routine of the Rion-Antirion Bridge and its users is the one added this week to all others that made possible the 84.5% carbon footprint reduction of the Bridge from 2015 to date. 

It is about the new ecological type of paper from certified mix (FSC/C164556) from responsible sources now used for the toll receipts. 

The messages on the back of the receipt encourage the users to participate in the joint effort of the company and its customers in favor of the environment, having POSITIVE MOBILITY as its major axis, which is the fundamental priority of VINCI HIGHWAYS, major shareholder of GEFYRA S.A.

Encouraging green choices is supplemented by the reference made on “GEFYRA e-pass”, the most ecological (and cost-effective) passage out of all other possibilities, which i) cancels any release of pollutants due to the “stop-and-go” at the toll station and ii) does not require the issue of any paper receipt, since the transaction is only proven by electronic means.   

So, in any case, travelers during the Greek Easter period will be motivated to associate the use of our “green” national Bridge with the three-fold slogan of “EASIER - QUICKER & GREENER”.

For more information, to prepare your trip consult our upgraded website at where you can find a traffic prediction model and information about the weather conditions, updated every 15 minutes.

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