We engage ourselves



1. To optimize our commercial policy

a. Constantly evaluate our products and review our strategy in order to come close, to the extent possible, to the remarks of our clients;

b. Create products adapted to specific habits of the users;

c. Make you participate in the reviewing of our products, by organizing at least one dialogue meeting with you every year;

d. Ask for your opinion through electronic questionnaires;

e. Inform you regularly on the modifications of our commercial policy.

2. To enrich with more services “GEFYRA e-pass”, which is the most discounting among our products.

a. Offer to our subscribers at least one dedicated “GEFYRA e-pass” lane at the Toll Station of the Bridge;

b. Feed our constant contact thanks to “GEFYRA e-pass” with additional services and offers;

c. Keep an internet site dedicated to the “GEFYRA e-pass” subscribers’ needs, to ensure your remote service.

3. To inform you

a. Provide you with information about the traffic conditions on the Bridge, as well as about extraordinary traffic and meteorological conditions that you will encounter during your trip;

b. Point out provisional arrangements and work zones before reaching the Bridge deck, through electronic messages;

c. Inform you in advance about any scheduled works that affect the traffic, in case they will be implemented for more than 24 hours;

d. Answer your calls to the dedicated telephone numbers 00-30-26340- 39010 & 39011 in less than 30 seconds during the opening hours of the Customers Service and/or to call you back (in case you ask for it) to provide you with information that facilitate your trip.

4. To provide assistance

a. Provide you support through the special telephone communications system installed along the Bridge and at the parking areas;

b. Answer your calls in less than 1 minute, through the loudspeakers internal network installed in all toll lanes;

c. Transfer your vehicle, that was broken down on the Bridge, to the nearest safe point outside the concession boundaries in less than 30 minutes for light vehicles and less than 60 minutes for heavy vehicles;

d. Ensure the free intervention of an appropriate tow vehicle;

e. Reach you in less than 3 minutes to wait for the tow vehicle.

5. To ensure the best possible traffic conditions

a. Ensure, throughout the year, a comfortable and safe asphalt pavement and a fully visible road signage;

b. Supervise constantly the entire length of the Bridge through mobile patrols and supervision by closed circuit and intervene as soon as possible to deal with any vehicle breakdown;

c. Mobilize, if necessary, the snow removal and de-icing machinery that we have at our disposal, in order to reinstate the traffic, at least on one lane per direction, as soon as possible;

d. Inform you as soon as possible about the traffic restrictions applied to specific vehicle types (bicycles, motorcycles, large trucks without load) in case of strong winds.

6. To maintain the particularly high level of structural maintenance of the Bridge

a. Exploit the technical knowledge acquired during the construction and operation of the Bridge, by enlarging the cognitive field of bridge maintenance in Greece and worldwide;

b. Proceed regularly and continuously to the necessary maintenance inspections and works, which consolidate the structural safety of the Bridge;

c. Use environmental friendly materials and carry out high standard works in terms of quality, health and safety;

d. Work daily in order to create the conditions to deliver the Bridge as an unharmed national symbol from generation to generation.

7. To safeguard the environmental sustainability as regards the Bridge operation conditions

a. Continue firmly our policy to reduce the CO2 emissions arising from the corporate operation of the Bridge;

b. Increase the awareness of our clients regarding the protection of the environment during their trips and in general;

c. Continue supporting the local environmental initiatives standing by the civil society, and at the same time keep active the “Corinth – Patras Gulfs AZURE SOCIETY” action platform. 

8. To welcome you in the best possible way in the customer service area

a. Maintain for you an area of direct dialogue at personal and collective levels;

b. Offer you comfortable and clean parking areas;

c. Provide our clients, the people, the students with an area open to visitors presenting the story of the Bridge construction and operation;

d. Keep the sanitary rooms clean, seeing to their cleaning many times a day and/or upon your suggestion;

e. Offer free Wi-Fi Internet access and an ATM.

9. To be willing to hear you and provide information constantly

a. Provide information from the corporate Internet media and the Social Media on issues regarding both the use of the Bridge and its corporate actions;

b. Offer the possibility to make transactions, fill in the “GEFYRA e-pass” contracts and provide information following the purchase of products through a personal contact with the Customer Service personnel;

c. Facilitate the receipt of your suggestions and remarks and answer you in writing within four (4) days.

10. To keep our corporate responsibility vis-à-vis the citizens, our clients and personnel at a high level

a. Maintain and renew our actions on road safety;

b. Support the initiatives to assist people with reduced mobility abilities;

c. Support firmly, through the “SOLIDARITY PYLONS” Association of Social Bodies, the citizens active in supporting disadvantaged people and groups or people who are hit by the social conditions;

d. Assure to our personnel a responsible employer behavior, thus offering them a working environment that fulfils the highest hygiene and safety standards, and share with them the fruits of our common success.


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